Winter Services

Winter Services

When we think of winter we often dream of fresh snow for snowmobiling, safe ice for ice fishing, or a sunny beach in the southern sun. However, winter is a great opportunity to get some seasonal tasks accomplished around the house.

Snow Removal

BLPL has experienced operators and state of the are equipment to provide prompt, reliable snow removal. We service both residential and commercial properties throughout Polk County. BLPL offers many custom "triggers" that allow us to set up a contract that is specific to your needs. Some of these options include

  • 1-4 inch "triggers" available
  • Walkways, garage door aprons shoveled
  • Weekend Service for cabin clientele
  • Salt/sand mixes for drives/lots
  • On site ice-melt containers, stocked with eco-friendly ice-melt
  • Emergency service and one time rates are available
  • Budget billing and per-push payment options

BLPL carries the highest level of liability insurance to protect your property at all times.

Shoreline Restoration

Winter is a great time for shoreline restoration on difficult sites. Steep terrain, poor access, and sensitive vegetation sites are great candidates for winter installs. Whether you’re interested in a preventative cut throughout your viewing corridor, or Rip-Rap rock erosion control, Mobilization across the frozen lakes can cut costs and reduce tear-up on sensitive surfaces. BLPL has certified staff that can assist with permit applications through Wisconsin DNR and Polk County Zoning. Call for a free consultation regarding your site.

Roof Snow Removal

Excessive Snow on roofs can cause ice-damns that lead to water damage. We treat these problematic areas and clean up all the fallen snow/ice.

Ground Thawing/Excavation

Frost and frozen soil can lead to many problems in winter. Frozen septic lines and winter funeral burials are no match for our frost cooker. We also have the ability to excavate the soil if necessary.

Property Watch

BLPL offers weekly property inspection of your property while you are away. We monitor key factors like heat, water, electricity, and theft. We can also meet other contractors on site for routine service calls.

Tree Trimming/Pruning

Winter is a fantastic time of year to prune or trim deciduous trees. Insect pressure is low and the skeleton of the tree is visible for corrective pruning. Tear up of sensitive surfaces is also minimized with snow pack.

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We provide service to Polk and surrounding counties.
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